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Writing and Editing

Ghostwriting your content or proofing or revising your drafts

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Indexing and Organizing

Completing your manuscript for publication

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Formatting for e-readers, flipbooks, and hard cover

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WordPress Websites

Enhancing your online presence with engaging websites

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Legal Support

Consulting, strategizing, organizing, researching, writing, formatting

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Audio recording of your content for max accessibility


Meet Sherri Renner

Howdy! I’m the owner of Aspen Leaf Publications and a “recovering attorney.” I’ve discarded the career of conflict and returned to my reading and writing roots, bringing to your projects the education I earned and skills I developed through years of litigation practice.

Meet Rich Masotti

Want more website traffic but hate the sound of your own voice? Rich Masotti creates audio recordings of your written content. His background includes voice acting, voice-over, audiobooks, community theater, and mock-trial advocacy. Rich resides in New York where he utilizes his state-of-the-art digital audio studio to voice record, edit, master, finish, and send the files you need electronically. Your words. Rich voice.

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Location isn't everything

Much as we’d like, we probably aren’t hanging out in Maui today. Point is, we could be, or you could be, and we still could get your job done, because we’re available remotely, nationwide, in your time.

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